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What is a Family Yoga Retreat?

Well it’s time to pack and prepare maybe more than one bag! A family Yoga retreat is a week or weekend of wellness for the entire family. Only a few are offered worldwide and if you’re a caregiver that practices yoga this could be a wonderful opportunity to share your practice with the ones closest to you.

My son and I attended our first retreat together last year at Winter Solstice Sadhana Celebration in Florida. During the retreat daily yoga workshops were offered for the adults as the children attended their own yoga camp program. In this 7-day long event, families were immersed in a community of kindness and servitude. My son’s favorite parts where the morning/evening chanting rituals and the camping! At the time he was 6 years old. The healthy vegetarian meals were inspiring and so very delicious.

Traveling and exploring new activities together supports connection and aides in family relationships. In a yoga retreat, both parents and children learn and practice meditation, breathing techniques, yoga, relaxation, chanting (Naad yoga) and so much more! Participating in a yoga retreat will help recharge the inner batteries and is full of learning opportunities. Attending a family yoga retreat also offers tools that you can bring home. For example, the breath and the many breathing techniques help adults and children self-regulate. When meditation is practiced in the home regularly, mothers, fathers, partners, brothers and sisters can be more present.

Let it Shine Yoga is dreaming up a few family yoga retreats. What would make these stand out from other yoga retreats? The inclusion of our most precious ones! And the family yoga classes YES! In the programs to come, local and international destinations will be offered. A variety of yoga lineages and practices will be explored.

Join us in April 2020 for a first weekend of family yoga! More here

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